Looking after and treating the wildlife is the easy part of the job compared to raising over £60,000 every month to enable us to do just that. We work as hard as we can to help get the funds in, but without your support it would be impossible to carry on.

Giving a donation towards our work is the best way of helping to ensure that we can continue treating sick and injured wildlife.

Click here to make a donation now.

Whenever we can we take our stall out to various fundraising events but we often struggle to find people to man the stall as our limited staff cannot be spared away from the Hospital.

We hold our car boot sale every Saturday between April and September when the weather is good but we need more volunteers to help with this.

We need to boost our Membership numbers so we need people to recruit more Members for us.

We offer Powerpoint presentations about our work to groups and societies, charging a fee for doing so. If you know of a group who would be interested in a talk, please get in touch.

How about doing something sponsored in aid of Vale?

Do you know a printer who would donate some printing services to us. We always need leaflets, forms, Newsletters and letterheads printing.

Ask your friends and neighbours to donate goods to you then sell them on a car boot sale and donate the proceeds to us.

Do a couple of hours of tin-shaking at one of our supermarket or street collections. We always need more volunteers for this.

Hold a Coffee Morning in aid of Vale, or how about an Open Garden?

If you can help us to raise vital funds in any way, please get in touch. Ring us on 01386 882 288 or email us,



If you would like a copy of this poster for your workplace or local shop you can download it here.