Bird Room

This is our Bird Room, where birds that are undergoing treatment or are in the first stages of recovery are kept prior to being moved to an outside aviary. Birds lose their muscle mass extremely quickly when they have been unable to fly regularly so they all need to spend at least a week in an outside aviary to build these muscles back up before they are released back into the wild.

During the spring and summer months this room is overflowing with hundreds of young birds, many still needing regular hand-feeding.

Throughout the year many hundreds of birds pass through this room, cars and cats being the two major causes of the injuries that we see. Around 70% of our total annual casualty intake are birds.

There are very few species of bird found in the UK that have not at some time in the past 38 years been admitted to Vale. Many birds of prey are also admitted to Vale e.g. buzzards, kestrels, sparrowhawks, tawny, barn and little owls and sometimes rarer birds of prey such as hobbys and peregrine falcons. To see birds like these at such close quarters is a true privilege.