We are looking for volunteers to help out in our charity shop which we will hopefully be opening in Cheltenham in the coming months.

When we first took on a shop in Evesham in 2001 (the foot & mouth outbreak meant we couldn’t get out & fundraise, so it was a desperate bid to raise the funds to continue), little did we know just how successful it would be. It now brings in around one third of our income & without it, Vale would have closed its doors several years ago.

With costs constantly increasing, we have decided that we need to replicate the success of our first shop by opening one in a different area, hence the Cheltenham shop.

It will take a while to get it off the ground but we are looking for people who have a few spare hours on a regular basis to volunteer in the shop once it opens.
If you are interested & would like more information, please email me at caroline@valewildlife.org.uk

Please help Vale to continue caring for sick, injured & orphaned wildlife.