Current Vacancies

We have no vacancies at the moment.


 Consider becoming a volunteer which will give you the opportunity to find out what it would be like to be

one of our Wildlife Care Assistants.



If you are interested in joining our team of volunteers, please complete the online form here.

VOLUNTEER VETS NEEDED – an amazing opportunity for vets to gain experience in the very different world of wildlife treatment and rehabilitation. We can offer short and longer term placements for qualified vets wanting to volunteer in one of the busiest wildlife hospitals in the UK.

Some part-time paid work may also be available – contact us to discuss the options.

Please email if you are interested in this. Unfortunately it is unlikely that we can offer accommodation with these placements.


We always need volunteers: at the hospital working with our patients, in our charity shop in Evesham, helping to run our car boot sales on Saturdays, helping out and about on our fundraising stalls and much more – please get in touch if you are interested.


Working with wild animals bears no resemblance at all to a job involving domestic animals.

An affinity with animals is a must as well as the ability to put your instinctive human emotions to one side when making the best decision about a wild animal’s future. It is a job that can be emotionally draining and very stressful at times, but on the other hand it can also be one of the most rewarding and satisfying jobs you could ever have.

During the busy spring and summer months working hours will be long and very busy. Working in a large wildlife hospital is not an 8-5 job – there will be early starts, late finishes and often no time for much in the way of breaks during the day.

logo If you are the type of person who wants set tea breaks, lunch hours and to knock off at five on the dot, then this is most definitely not the job for you. Wildlife rehabilitation requires dedication and total commitment. For more wildlife jobs see