'Hedgehog First Aid, Care and Rehabilitation'
At the moment we only run one course at the Hospital in Beckford but we are planning more educational opportunities in the future. However, if you are interested in spending time at Vale to shadow staff in order to learn about wildlife rehabilitation, we do offer work experience placements.


Date of next course: Monday 16th October 2017.

The one-day course, run in association with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society, is designed for hedgehog carers and, although aimed at beginners, it is proving very popular for both novices and experienced carers alike. It also provides a get together for like-minded people where we can discuss all sorts of problems, treatments, drugs and dosages which can and does benefit everyone. The one day course includes the basics of:

  • assessing and examining
  • initial treatment
  • legislation involved
  • zoonotic risks
  • fluid therapy
  • when to be worried about green ‘poo’
  • parasite treatment
  • feeding
  • practical sessions including microscopy and rehydration by injection. 

The course runs from 9am until around 4-4.30pm and must be booked & paid for through the BHPS. Their telephone number is 01584 890 801.