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Getting in touch

ARE YOU A REHABILITATOR LOOKING FOR HELP OR ADVICE? It can be difficult to find someone to give help or advice on a wildlife casualty, especially if you are new to wildlife rehabilitation. We are very happy to offer any advice we can, and we can usually ask advice from our vet if necessary, so please feel free to call Caroline on 01386 882288 or email here.

Our contact details are as follows, or complete the contact form at the bottom of
the page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please DO NOT email if you have an injured animal.
Our emails are not constantly monitored and it may be some time
(especially when we are very busy) before we read your message.

If you do have a casualty or you need immediate advice,
please ring us on 01386 882288.

From 5pm until 7.00am, we are on answerphone but the hospital is staffed
24/7 so casualties can be brought to us at any time (there is no need to
ring beforehand).

We do prefer you to bring animals in to us (apart from badgers, foxes or deer)
as we cannot spare staff to leave the Hospital, especially during the spring
and summer months.

Vale Wildlife Hospital & Rehabilitation Centre
Station Road
Nr Tewkesbury
GL20 7AN

Telephone: 01386 882288
Fax: 01386 882299