Caroline's Blog

In the spring & summer months, I am often too busy to write regular Blogs, but our Facebook group is updated regularly and will give you the latest news from Vale. Join us on Facebook by clicking the link Thanks, Caroline.


The Orphan Season

This year we have taken in quite a high number of fox cubs. We have 29 in our care at the moment, which have come in for various reasons such as being hit by a car, being orphaned when the vixen has disappeared, or being found injured or alone for unknown reasons. We... read more

Polecat kits

Yesterday, another polecat baby was brought in, found in exactly the same place as the previous one so we are presuming they are siblings. We now have two little male polecat kits... read more


Do you support the work and principles of Vale Wildlife Hospital? Would you like to make an ongoing commitment to help in a way which is tangible yet flexible and suitable for those who feel unable to take on more physical tasks? Do you have skills which may be of... read more

A Bit of a Tangle!

This poor hedgehog came in a few days ago, totally entangled in sports netting. He was a very lucky little chap though as, despite the tangle, when the netting was removed, there were no injuries at all. However, following any constriction, we always keep any animal... read more