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In the spring & summer months, I am often too busy to write regular Blogs, but our Facebook group is updated regularly and will give you the latest news from Vale. Join us on Facebook by clicking the link Thanks, Caroline.



We are only into April, which is right at the start of the busy season in wildlife rehabilitation centres, but we have already admitted almost 800 casualties to Vale Wildlife Hospital so far this year. The last few weeks have been noticeably busier with a steadily... read more

Update on George the swan.

George has been examined by our vet this morning and he is pleased with his progress so far. He will certainly need an operation once he is strong enough to cope with it but for now he is remaining on an iv drip. He has also been tubed this morning which will... read more

Where have the quiet winters gone?

At Vale Wildlife Hospital, we have been rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned wild animals for more than 32 years, having started in 1984 with a tawny owl needing long-term care. Today we care for over 4,000 casualties every year. Over the years we have seen the... read more

A Pioneer in UK Wildlife Rehabilitation

On Saturday 16th July 2016 we lost a pioneer in wildlife rehabilitation, Les Stocker, who died suddenly at the age of 73. Anyone involved in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation anywhere in the world will almost certainly have heard of Les Stocker, founder of St... read more

Gull falls into vat of curry!

Anyone fancy a curry? This poor chap did! Sadly he was enjoying it so much he fell in! I don’t think any of us have experienced such an orange greasy gull to deal with before… but boy did he smell good! 😉 We’ve cleaned him up and he is doing well,... read more

Can you help with our Open Day?

I have a few more appeals for our Open Day, taking place on Sunday 3rd July. We need: * More crafts for our Craft Marquee * More wildlife/conservation charities – to book either of these please email me 🙂 * Plants for our plant stall * Cakes for the cake stall *... read more

Freezer Appeal

All species of UK wildlife are treated at Vale, and as you can imagine, this means keeping a very wide variety of food for them at the hospital, so we are always prepared. Our freezer has to be big to accommodate all these many different types of food, but a disaster... read more